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John Richard Stephens
Author and Editor

Most of John's twenty-three books have been repeatedly published in various editions by a number of the world's top publishers, which is why you'll see several different covers for many of the books listed below. His books include Commanding the Storm, Weird History 101, Wyatt Earp Speaks, Voodoo, Adventure!, The King of the Cats, and Mark Twain's Hawaii.

Before becoming a writer, John gained experience in a wide variety of occupations ranging from work as a psychiatric counselor in two hospitals and three mental health facilities to being an intelligence officer and squadron commander in the U.S. Air Force.

His books have been selections of the Preferred Choice Book Club, the Quality Paperback Book Club, the Book of the Month Club, and the Civil War Trust. His work has been published as far away as India and Singapore and has been translated into Japanese and Finnish.

John also has the distinguished honor of being quoted around the world in lists of quotations and in several books next to such luminaries as Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Lord Byron and Franz Kafka. 

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Mark Twain's HawaiiThe Literary Guidebook to Hawaii
                    the StormCommanding
                    the StormHumor and
                    the Civil WarWeird
                    History 101
                    Lives of the FrontierWeird History 101Weird History 101Weird History 101
                    Lives of the Wild WestThe Wild, Wild WestThe Wild, Wild WestThe Wild, Wild West
Wyatt Earp
                    SpeaksWyatt Earp
                    SpeaksWyatt Earp
                    Tells of the Gunfight Near the O.K. CorralGold
Captured by
                    PiratesCaptured by
                    PiratesCaptured by
                    PiratesThe Pirate
                    Trial of Anne Bonny and Mary Read
Adventure!Into the
                    Mummy's TombInto the
                    Mummy's TombA Skeleton
                    at the Helm
                    Wine and RosesVampires,
                    Wine and RosesThe Book of
                    the Living DeadVoodoo
                    Cat StoriesMystisia
                    Cat StoriesKitty
The King of
                    the CatsCat
                    Fairytales that Make People HappyCat
                    Fairytales that Make People HappyThe
                    Enchanted Cat
The Dog
                    Lover's Literary CompanionThe Hawaii Bathroom BookThe Hawai'i
                    Bathroom Book