The Book of the Living Dead

Edited by John Richard Stephens

The Book of the Living Dead cover

Berkley Books (Penguin Group, now Penguin Random House), New York City, 2010, softcover and ebook.

Explore the other side of mortality with the world's greatest writers. From Mark Twain to Jack London, this is a unique literary vault of the living dead.

Zombies, vampires, mummies, Frankenstein's monster and other reanimated corpses--the undead rise in a variety of frightening ways. And all are featured in this collection of classic stories by an impressive lineup of authors including: Mary Shelley, Lafcadio Hearn, Sir Walter Scott, Washington Irving, Guy De Maupassant, Amy Lowell, Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, along with a few lesser-known authors with comparable creepy talents for the grim and gruesome.

If the dead cannot rest in peace, neither will the living.

Publishers Weekly calls it a "solid collection of classic gothic horror stories".

Library Journal wrote, "Who knew Jack London wrote a zombie story?"